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AI + humans = Superintelligence.

Imagine all the people and information you need to make the best decisions at your fingertips.

AI-Powered Strategic Work

Our core technology, Cognition, is a professional-grade AI platform for research, analysis, and strategy.

Cognition goes far beyond the limitations of simple AI chat assistants, opening the door to applying AI to complex real-world business problems.

Cognition amplifies collective intelligence, enhances collaboration, automates workflows, improves thinking, and delivers better answers.

Cognition makes AI more powerful and actionable than ever before.

Designed for Business

Cognition brings AI into the workflow in a new way that disrupts previous approaches — reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving productivity. 

Cognition is used by Fortune 500 enterprise teams to augment and improve how they think, collaborate and work across many kinds of knowledge work.

Research & Analysis

Problem Solving

Ideation & Innovation

Design & Development


Feedback Synthesis

Strategic Planning

Document Production

Workflow Automation

Project Collaboration

Corporate Development

Performance Improvement

Meet your AI Teammates

Cognition helps customers leverage a vast network of 10,000+ AI-powered virtual professional team-members (ACEs), each an expert in their field and job function.

By collaborating with ACEs in Cognition, teams are smarter, more efficient, and more productive.

Beyond the Limits of Chatbots

Virtual Experts

Each ACE is an expert in its field and role, offering unique perspectives, knowledge and skills. Instantly form multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams for any project or goal.

Higher Cognition

ACEs have their own virtual minds and thought-processes — they are capable of higher-level cognition and behavior, such as reasoning, innovation, analytics, and strategy.


ACEs know how to execute multi-step projects and tasks, making them better-suited for knowledge work.
ACEs can speak and collaborate with each other, as well as with humans.


ACE’s are not limited to just one model; they can combine different AI models as needed, and even other forms of AI, for a more powerful hybrid approach. 

What Our Users Say

Join our early users in supercharging your work.

This is the future of research & professional services.

Walter Delph

Founder and former head of North America, BCG Digital Ventures and Chief Business Officer, Magic Leap

This is a perfect scope of work in minutes

Channing Henry

Head of US, PKF Hospitality

This tool doesn’t just speed things up – it brings clarity and focus to your strategy. This is a game-changer.

Lori Taylor

CEO, REV Media Marketing

About is AI for professionals. Our mission is to enable professionals, teams and enterprises to harness AI more effectively for real knowledge work. Our approach fuses higher-level AI with human expertise, to generate more actionable insights and outputs.

Cognition, our flagship product, is powered by a new level of AI agents pioneered by called Artificial Cognitive Experts (ACEs). ACEs are intelligent cognitive assistants for knowledge work that collaborate with you like virtual teammates to achieve more than either humans or AI individually. We call this Exponential Intelligence.

Exponential Intelligence is an approach to superintelligence that is both more powerful and safer than AGI on its own.

This approach lets us go from idea to actionable insights quickly and responsibly. Cognition leverages many types of AI with our ACEs to orchestrate and optimize the entire process of ideation, research, strategy, design, planning and execution, for any goal or project, resulting in faster results and higher quality execution, supercharging productivity for professionals.

Accomplish More, Faster.

Cognition’s next-generation capabilities, coupled with the power of ACE’s, makes AI-powered knowledge work more seamless and productive. ACEs do all the prompt engineering and reasoning automatically, so people can focus more on what they want to accomplish.


Our team has extensive knowledge in startups, AI, enterprise solutions, and consulting, with over five decades of expertise in AI, big data, analytics, and knowledge management. Multiple IPOs, exits and 10+ unicorns.