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Why Cognition™?’s Cognition™ product far surpasses chatbots, agents and GPTs by blending higher-level AI with human expertise. It’s a new approach that harnesses teams of humans and AIs working together.

AI That Thinks More Deeply

Cognition provides 10,000+ artificial cognitive experts (“ACEs") to help you with your work. ACEs are AI virtual teammates that think and reason more deeply than GPTs and simple chatbots.

AI-Powered Collaboration

Collaborate, have discussions, and build documents with teams of ACEs. Generate ideas, solve problems, and do strategy and planning, and share with your human colleagues.

Project Management

Cognition automatically generates project plans and helps you execute them. Instantly apply best-practice methodologies and processes, and create your own templates.

Knowledge Management

Cognition automatically creates a knowledge base for each project you work on. Add as many files, links, notes and ideas as you want, as well as documents you've created with Cognition.

Automated Research

Cognition's Research Assistant searches the Web for relevant information and resources to support your projects. Access the latest news and information across millions of data sources; It’s not limited by the model cutoff date.

Feedback Management

Cognition automates the process of feedback collection and analysis. Easily gather input from diverse stakeholders and use to generate actionable insights as you iterate on projects and documents.

Become a Knowledge Powerhouse

With each project, Cognition learns and becomes an expert, generating invaluable knowledge about markets, competitors, and more. 


AI-Driven Workflows

Incorporate AI into your business processes on an ongoing basis. Create, deploy, and reuse intelligent workflows to drive your business results faster.

What can you do with Cognition?

Business Planning


Research & Analysis

Problem Solving


Content Development

Account Planning & Growth

AI-Driven Consulting

Cognition is built for serious knowledge work, like comprehensive research, crafting large multi-part documents, doing strategy and business planning, solving complex problems, iterative design and innovation, and complex project management.

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