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Cognition is powered by a new level of AI that uses Artificial Cognitive Entities (ACEs).

ACEs are a step closer to AGI than Chatbots. ACEs are intelligent cognitive agents that emulate virtual people.

Just like actual people, ACEs have their own virtual minds and brains — they are capable of levels of cognition and behavior that are closer to those of humans.

ACEs are the next leap after simple chatbots like ChatGPT, due to several key areas of innovation:
– Higher cognition (ACEs use self-reflection, internal dialogs, internal knowledge bases, and fully programmable cognitive processes and skillsets)
– Task execution (ACES are capable of completing and managing complex multi-step tasks ranging from complex knowledge work such as projects, research and feedback gathering, to lower level tasks like posting to a blog or sending an email.
– Collaboration (ACEs are social and collaborative; capable of working on teams with other ACEs and humans for shared goals, projects and tasks).

ACEs use conversational generative AI (such as large language models – LLMs, like GPT 4.0) as well as other forms of AI including: intelligent agents, search, data analytics, knowledge management, reasoning, and cognitive assistance.

Instead of expecting human users to be expert prompt engineers, ACEs do the prompt engineering and thinking automatically, enabling users to focus more on what they want to accomplish and less on how to accomplish it.

Mindcorp Labs is our experimental thinktank run by our CEO, Nova Spivack. You’ll find amazing breakthru ways to use AI including via Nova’s GPTs

These give a taste of what you’ll accomplish using Mindcorp.

Contact us, we have a number of plans depending on your needs, whether you are consultant looking to supercharge his work, or a CEO whose board is asking her what is their AI strategy, we have something for you. Our individual licenses will start at $99/month.

We are built on Microsoft Azure, which uses some of the highest enterprise standards in the industry. Your data never feeds others’ models, unlike many GPTs you may be playing with before encountering Mindcorp.